The premier cryptocurrency investment platform built on the pillars of integrity, sustainability, and freedom.

What is Elemental?

Elemental is a platform made for your cryptocurrency investments.
We give our investors the opportunity to make daily profits from their investments with our trading strategies.

Stay Comfortable

Achieve financial freedom by letting our platform do all the hard work for you.
No effort is required from our investors, save for a few mouse clicks.

24/7 Funds Withdrawal

Investors have full control over their funds and will be able to withdraw them at anytime.
We will not lock or hold your funds, ever.

Fast and Steady Growth

We strive to do our best to give investors the best possible daily interest rate with our dynamic trading strategies and proprietary software.

Awesome Features

Experienced Team

We have vast collective experience in cryptocurrency trading as well as in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology.
We would love to share the fruits of our labor with more people so we can build a loving and reciprocative community.

Fast and Simple

Our secure, fast and simple-to-use platform will be updating and improving constantly, ensuring a smooth experience for all of our investors.


Our users will have full access to their investments.
They can release their investment package(s) at any time, paid out in either Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC) or Dogecoin(DOGE).

Socialize and Have Fun

There are great things to do on the platform while your investment is steadily growing!
You can chat with other investors, complete daily tasks, play mini-games like Jackpot and much more to come. Stay tuned!

Monthly Award

We will hold monthly competitions and the theme will revolve around our platform.
We want to bring out the joy and competition that every awesome community should foster!


Our support team will always be here to provide you updated information.
We will also do our best to resolve platform issues for both existing and new investors.
A ticket escalation system will be implemented for any complex issues that arise.


Commencement of Project

Team begins work on building Elemental’s trading bot and platform.
This date commemorates the big bang of a great project built for the community.

  • # BIG BANG

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Ticker symbol of Elemental will be “ELEM”. It will be used as the main currency on the platform.
All investors will need to purchase their ELEM tokens via accepted cryptocurrencies in the platform to start their investment package(s).
More information on the ICO can be found here.

  • # ICO

Investment Program

Investment package(s) will be made available to all investors.
Interest earned will be paid to the investment wallet (USD).
You can convert them to ELEM and then exchange the ELEM to your preferred cryptocurrencies.
(Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin).
More information on the program can be found here.


Internal Exchange

Investors will be able to buy or sell their tokens.
Target price of ELEM = $10.
More information on exchange rules and sell limits can be found here

  • # TARGET

Elemental's Lottery

This will be the first major event conducted by Elemental.
More information on the lottery draw can be found here.


Platform Evaluation

Feedback gathered through social media will be analyzed by the team.
New ideas and strategies will be implemented to improve the platform’s performance.


Mining Farm

We are looking to generate an additional source of income by building a mining farm.
Investors will have the option to select whether they want to participate in mining activities from 1 July 2018 onwards.
Profits from mining will be credited daily.
However, do note that if Bitcoin/Ethereum mining is not profitable anymore, we will look into other possibilites.